Monday, February 28, 2011

More member photos

Greetings again!

Please note that images in this post are property of Jing Lu unless otherwise noted.

These photos came from garden club member Jing, who spent some time this past fall in China.

Huanglong National Park, located in Sichuan province.
Huanglong National Park, located in Sichuan province.  Natural rock "beaver" dams.
 Guilin Li River.  Made famous in movies and as a background for your personal computer.
 Longji Rice Terraces.  This is in fall after the harvest.

Thank you Jing for the wonderful pictures.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Botanical Garden website

For those of you interested in signing the Georgeson Botanical Garden online petition, please follow the link below.  This link provide courtesy of Willow Garden Club member Les Brake.

Many of you know that the Georgeson Botanical Garden is in rather desperate straits due to funding cuts.  As of right now there will be a very limited amount of research on things that benefit us as we try to become more self-sustaining.  Please help call attention to this.  Thanks Virginia

We have just a few days left to sign the GBGS petition!  This request to the legislature will only maintain the Georgeson Botanical Garden as it currently is.  Without this money it will not remain the place we have come to rely on for current research and information.  Please take a moment to sign the petition!  Thanks! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meeting Today!

Today's meeting will be a slide show featuring pictures from the Great Gardens of England, Scotland and Wales.

Pictures were taken by Willow Garden Club member Kathy Mailer.   Unless otherwise noted images are property of William and Kathy Mailer and cannot be used without their permission.  Here is a preview:

 1127  Spring daffodils at Blenheim Palace, England.  Home to the 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.
 1171  Spring blooms at Hidcote Manor, England.  The garden was designed in the Arts and Craft style and is currently part of the National Trust.
 1271  Blooms at Bodnant Gardens, Northern Wales.  The garden was created by 5 generations of the same family.
1504  Drummond Castle Gardens, Scotland.   Laid out in Italian Renaissance style.

The club will meet in the main room at the Willow Community Center Today, February 17th from 1 to 3 p.m.
Have a great day.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Catalog Swap!

Our January meeting was a bit small.  But we brought almost 20 catalogs to share!

Here is a list.  Just click on the name and you will go directly to that catalog website.  Companies with no web site will include an address to request a catalog or talk to a live person.
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Territorial Seed Company
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Horizon Herbs, LLC
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Veseys Seeds
Gardens North (2006)
Forest Farm
Fritz Farm & Nursury
1001 Hollingsworth Road
Joppa, Maryland 21085
Phone: 410-877-1766
Wayside Gardens
Thompson & Morgan
Bluestone Perennials, Inc.
The Natural Gardening Co.
Burpee Seeds
Park Seed Co.
Chiltern Seed Co.
Kitazawa Seed Co.

Note:  Thompson and Morgan no longer ships to Alaska!  Please contact the company to comment on this situation.

Whew!  If the company is listed that means a member of our garden club has ordered from that company with success.

Please leave a comment showing which seed company you have ordered from and maybe what you ordered!  That would be great.  Have a good day.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Meeting

Come and swap seed catalogs with the Willow Garden Club.

Please bring a seed catalog to share with others.  Alaska has such unique growing conditions.  It is important to know which seed and plant sources sell products that actually work in our harsh climate.

If there is a particular variety of seed or flower that you have purchased that grows well, please bring that variety name to share.  We want to know! 

All are welcome.  We will provide light refreshments. 

The meeting will take place at the Willow Community Center in the upstairs apartment on Thursday, January 20th from 1 to 3 p.m. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Festival of Trees

Tomorrow, December 18, 2010 there will be a festival of trees at the Willow Community Center.  The event starts at 7 p.m.  Trees from various business and organizations around Willow will be on display.  Caroling, hot cider, and local musicians will provide entertainment.

The Willow Garden Club will have a tree on display.  Members were asked to donate empty seed packets to decorate the tree. 

Check back for pictures. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Meeting

The November meeting was canceled due to weather. Thank goodness for December!  We were able to reschedule the meeting with a flower arrangement theme.  Just in time for Christmas and New Years.

This meeting was made extra special because Kathleen Holden, a local professional florist, provided a demonstration on flower arranging.  Kathleen produced holiday flower arrangements that will last until Christmas and beyond.
Kathleen created two beautiful arrangements with various evergreens as well as long lasting flowers.  She also explained to the group the proper way to cut the flowers as well as the best way to arrange them to provide maximum visual interest.
This vase arrangement will go well against a wall. 
 This centerpiece will sit at any table.
The arrangements were given as door prizes.  Congratulations to Trisha and Jing.  Pictured from left to right are Trisha, Kathleen and Jing.

Some tips from Kathleen:

Purchase materials from Fred Meyers, and Carrs, JoAnn fabrics.
Place covered flowers inside a warmed car.
Water and mist the arrangements.  Do not let them dry out.
To ensure flowers last even longer, keep in a cool spot over night.
As the flowers die, remove them and enjoy the greenery.
If arrangements have candles, do not leave unattended.  

Some garden club announcements:

The Willow Garden Club will have a tree at the Willow Library Association Festival of Trees on Saturday, December 18th at the Willow Community Center.  Trees will be showcased from 7-9 p.m.  There will be hot cider, local entertainment, and caroling.

Faith suggested that interested individuals drop off empty seed packets to be hung on the tree on Friday, December 17th from 5-7 p.m.  Marsha will provide a tree. 

Faith will send out the information about the new blog! Officers will be able to post pictures, send announcements, etc.  Have a safe week.